Patroni is a template for you to create your own customized, high-availability solution using Python and - for maximum accessibility - a distributed configuration store like ZooKeeper, etcd or Consul. Database engineers, DBAs, DevOps engineers, and SREs who are looking to quickly deploy HA PostgreSQL in the datacenter-or anywhere else-will hopefully find it useful.

We call Patroni a “template” because it is far from being a one-size-fits-all or plug-and-play replication system. It will have its own caveats. Use wisely. There are many ways to run high availability with PostgreSQL; for a list, see the PostgreSQL Documentation.

Note to Kubernetes users: We’re currently developing Patroni to be as useful as possible for teams running Kubernetes on top of Google Compute Engine; Patroni can be the HA solution for Postgres in such an environment. To this end, we’ve created a Helm Chart that enables you to deploy a five-node Patroni cluster using a Kubernetes PetSet.

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